Time--2017 A to Z Theme

My theme for the 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is "Time". The posts will be more philosophical, contemplative, and even autobiographical than instructional. No time management tips planned, but you never know with A to Z.

Always a work in progress--welcome to my blog...


Thursday, April 27, 2017

When (#atozchallenge)

       Though it's often good to know when something is going to occur, sometimes there is no clear answer.  Occasionally there is no answer at all.


       I'm not particularly fond of uncertainty.  If something is supposed to happen then I like to know the time and place so I can be ready for it.  In most cases, knowing when is essential if you are coordinating with others.  Not knowing when can lead to being too early, too late, or not even considering being anywhere at all.

      Then there are those ambiguous whens.  There is the unspecified anticipation that something will happen someday but we just don't know when.  We might have some vague idea or perhaps no idea whatsoever.   When might be dependent on our meeting some other prerequisite.  On the other hand, that time we are waiting for might be in the hands of someone else.  When might even be a function of natural or spiritual forces coming together at the right time--or the wrong time.

       If you know when something will happen then you can try to be ready for it.  Not that you will be ready, but at least you have that option to try.  We now know when A to Z will happen because it's called the April Challenge.  Christmas, Halloween, or U.S. Independence Day have their dates predetermined so that we can make plans before those days arrive.

       Fortunately, time is organized for us so that we can prepare for when.  That is if we know precisely when is.  Otherwise we can ready ourselves for those ambiguities such as when the big one hits, when the power goes out, or when we are facing nuclear attack.  Those with foresight might even put a plan B or plan C or even more contingencies into place.  Not many of us probably even have a first option set up.  Of course we all know how any plan can go astray.

        Hopefully, whatever happens, the government will take care of us. At least we like to think that the government has a plan for just about anything when it happens.  When it does.  When...

        Do you have any contingency plans set up for emergencies or disasters?    Do you like to improvise actions for unprepared occurrences?   If you had a fifteen minute warning of an impending nuclear strike, what would you do?


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Valuable Time (#atozchallenge)

         Minutes and hours are not something you can save for later.  Time is like hundred dollar bills that will burst into flames if you don't spend them immediately.  Your time can be used to invest in enriching experiences, but that time itself cannot be invested in such a way that it can be used when it's more convenient.

Valuable Time

       At some time in our life most of us have probably been told that we were wasting valuable time.  When we were young there was so much time on our hands that it scarcely seemed valuable.   Then later as hair turns to silver the hours turn to gold.   The time we have is limited--a non-renewable resource.

        If we could put minutes and hours into an account to be withdrawn for later use, undoubtedly we would all do that.  Sometimes the time we have in the present might seem better served to use tomorrow or on some future day.  But we're out of luck in regard to that.  If you're not feeling up to par, if you're not quite ready for your performance in the present, or if you're just not in the right frame of mind to do what you need to do now, then that's too bad.  There are no do-overs for today. You might get second chances to do something, but today's time is gone forever once it has passed by.

        In our society we might gauge the worth of time by our pay or our accomplishments, but time is far more valuable than any arbitrary measure we can come up with.  You can't buy back the time that you've left behind you.

         Yet even those idle moments sitting on a park bench in the sun or lying on the couch lost in thought are valuable.  How can one compare the worth of such times to times spent accomplishing big things?    I don't think we can.  Each time is dependent on the other.  A seemingly idle moment can be the prelude to the most major achievement in our lives.  Or restful minutes of blissful peace can be the remuneration for a job well done.

          All time is valuable, but that value cannot truly be measured by us or anyone for that matter.  Whether by paycheck or inner peace, the worth of time is relative to how that time has fulfilled us.  And even that is something we might not even truly realize.

           How do you measure the value of your time?  Do you feel that some of your time has been worth more than other times?    If given a choice, would you take one hour of amazing experience or an entire day of just being home alone?  

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Under the Wire (#atozchallenge)

          Procrastination is only a big deal if you don't make your deadline in time.   The emotional and physical duress that comes with procrastination all becomes a memory once you've achieved your mission successfully.

Under the Wire

        What I was saying in my previous post is that now I've caught up to myself in the A to Z and I'm churning out my posts under the wire.  I've been waiting until that last minute to wrap up each post.  Not really sure what I'm waiting for or why I'm doing it.  Maybe it's partly because the last week of letters have some of the toughest ones.  From what I've read in the past, I'm not the only one who finds the biggest challenge of the A to Z postings is coming up with something creative for U,V, X, Y, and Z.   W isn't too bad usually, but those others can get tricky.

      Once again we come to a time idiom.   "Under the wire" is a great time idiom to use in the the context of the thought in my previous paragraph.  A Google search reveals that "under the wire" originally comes from horse racing in the days when a wire was stretched across the finish line to more easily determine which horse came in first.

         If my personal A to Z Challenge were a horse race I'd still be finishing, but just barely.  It's almost a metaphor for my life.  I've typically been one to cut things close especially when things start coming to the end of my run.  Maybe it's my subconscious way of not wanting things to end.  If I'm enjoying myself or comfortable with what I'm doing, I don't want it all to end.

         But the nice thing is that once one finish line has been crossed a new race begins.  It's a new beginning whether I take some time to rest back at the stable or just jump into another race--metaphorically speaking.  Come to think of it, I speak in metaphors often at this blog.  The way I see it as a writer, metaphors add a bit of interest to writing. And speaking as a person, or at least personally speaking, I see life in metaphors much of the time.  Life is like a novel where I'm the main character, but the darn thing is still being written.  I hope it's a really big book and I'm only half way through.

          Do you think you still have a long way to go in your life?   Do you wish your life had a good editor to correct some of your errors?   Have you ever imagined a life episode and made it come true?